How Can You Help?

Make a difference in these children's lives today


If you have been generous enough to be able to donate to our cause we really appreciate it! If you are touched by what we are doing but you can’t afford to donate regularly, perhaps you know someone who can. “Like” and “Share” our social media pages and posts. You could also blog about any of our projects or issues and challenges that we are facing.


Alternatively, you might want to take part in a sporting event, asking others to sponsor you to raise money for our beautiful children.

We have a sponsor who teaches Zumba® and is planning on doing a Zumba®-thon with other instructors to raise money for us. Another sponsor who is selling excess goat milk from her goat farm for donations. Another hosted a virtual make-up party on Facebook and donated all of her commission to our cause. Other sponsors have raised money through local yard and consignment sales.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome to come and stay with us at to the orphanage. We always have jobs that need to be done and children to love. We even have a grass hut for you to stay in (no joke!) that Denis built himself just for our guests. One of the best things that ever happened to us was a teenage boy and his family came out to our orphanage to do his Eagle Scout Project by providing the funding and helping us build all of our buildings. This family is our greatest donor and we would still be in a tiny, tin-roofed shack if it wasn’t for them. Before our buildings were built, in 2013, we only had the means to take care of 16 children and now we 45 children!


We have many people who want to help us by donating clothing or supplies to ship to us. We appreciate their desire to get us the supplies that we are greatly lacking. Unfortunately, the only type of donations we are able to accept are monetary. The cost of international shipping, as well as import duties upon entry into Uganda, are far too great for donations of supplies or clothing to be an option for us. Also because the postal service is unreliable, we can not guarantee receipt of many of the items sent to us.

It’s also imperative for the growth of Third World nations, like Uganda, to support their local economies. Your money does a lot of good over here.

While supply and demand on many things is low due to the crippling poverty everywhere items like shoes, beds, computer equipment, etc. might cost as much in US dollars in Uganda as they do in the USA. Food items and clothing are relatively cheap which means your donations go far in those areas. Building supplies are expensive but that is set off by cheap labor costs. When we are able to buy the items we need with the money you have donated in our town of Gulu, we are also supporting the seamstresses who make our school uniforms, the builders who help build and maintain our facilities, the farmers who grow our food and other businesses. By helping support our small organization, you are in turn supporting many other individuals an local businesses.