Covid-19 has thrown economies all over the world into chaos, spreading panic wide and far. Additionally a large influx of locusts in the Middle East and North Eastern Africa has lead to great food uncertainty. Feeding so many children leads to great demand on our food and monetary reserves. Uganda relies heavily on imported grains. With the world markets in flux, the price of grains available to us in the Gulu, Uganda region have jumped substantially. Fortunately with your continued support we have been able to keep food available for our many children. To help with this and ensure future stability we encourage you to donate what you can.

We are always seeking to improve our self reliance, and teach our orphans the same lessons. So we have been preparing ground for our second year of farming crops. The first year provided many learning lessons for us. It did not bring the stellar results that we were hoping for. But we did grow some crops and were able to get more out of the crops than the seed we initially planted. Going into this second season we are hoping to employ the lessons we learned from the last year, and reap a larger harvest.

We have planted Soybeans, Corn/Maize, Cabbage, Peppers, Tomatoes, and other crops. These will supplement the food that we purchase each month for the children, and hopefully diversify the diet for all the orphans that we help. This will not help much if the locust swarms make their way to Uganda. So we ask for your continued prayers that this plague may pass us by.

Thank you for your continued support, concern, and donations that help us avoid greater food uncertainty.