Our Dormitory and School

See the facilities that we have for housing and educating our children

The Dormitory


Our Main Dormitory Building

Children Gathering

Children gathering in front of the dormitory.

Pumping Water

Harriet pumping water at the well with Janet and Prosy. The well is located in front of the dormitory.

The Primary School

Primary School

The pink primary school and playground with teachers’ huts to the left of the school.


One of the classrooms in the pink school.


The Primary School Playground

The Secondary School

Secondary School Production

The secondary school before it was finished. The floor and walls have been finished but there is some ongoing work that needs to be done to the building before it is complete.


Our founder, Ayella Denis, and one of the builders with bags of concrete.

Cementing Floors

Cementing the floors and plastering the walls in the secondary school took place in February/March 2016. This desperately needs to be done in the dormitory building as well.