About Us

What is the Future Is Now Orphanage

The Future Is Now Uganda Orphanage Home is a non-denominational, faith-based organization focused on relieving the suffering of children in Gulu, Uganda. Most of our orphans are victims of the civil war, their parents having been killed or declared missing from the conflict.
Currently, we have 45 children living in our home, ranging from three to sixteen years old. Our founder and managing director, Ayella Denis, a young man who was also orphaned during the war, has been striving for nearly eight years to relieve the plight of the children in our community. All that we have accomplished is due to his relentless efforts to secure the sporadic funding and resources that have allowed us to progress from fully supporting one child, at the beginning, to 45 and providing as much as we can for the 218 orphans and many widows in our village. On many occasions, he has sold all of his possessions and, on top of the full-time role of running the orphanage, has done back-breaking shift work in the quarry to provide food for all of his many dependents.

Our mission is to provide the children with the basics of living: food, water, sanitation, housing and medical care. We also hope to provide educational opportunities: school, social interaction, and religious education, all within an emotionally safe environment. Our children have experienced extreme suffering. Providing stability and peace to these innocent victims of civil conflict is our priority. The Future Is Now is a registered Community Faith-Based Organization under Gulu District Local Government Community Service Department, Registration Number C.D.R.4325. We are also in the process of renewing our non-profit status in the USA.

We are committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive care model for orphaned and abandoned children and youth in communities in northern Uganda. The name The Future Is Now represents the depth and breadth of what we do. This name demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive care for all children and youths who are suffering in northern Uganda in East Africa. We see a child’s ability to share and fulfill their abilities and passions as a blessing to the world and we work to support and enable each child’s transition to a life of hope and empowerment.

We are a Christian, child-focused relief, development and advocacy organization for the children and youth who are orphans, vulnerable children, child mothers, or street children and also provide outreach to the elderly, those with disabilities, and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. We are working with communities and other stakeholders to improve the life of the poor orphanage children and youths who are living in poor or otherwise desperate conditions in northern Uganda. We offer educational support to the poor orphanage children and youths who have never been given the chance to go to school as a result of war and have no resources of their own. Most of them are double orphans, coming from the very poorest homes which cannot provide healthy meal for their family, pay school fees, or purchase a uniform for a child to go to school.

We seek to provide shelter for homeless and abused children, education, food and clothing, sleeping items, health care, life skills and vocational training, HIV/AIDS and other medical care and resources, child sponsorships and support, foster care and spiritual nourishment, to vulnerable disadvantaged children ages 2-16 years and disadvantaged youth aged 13-17 years. We also take very seriously the extreme disadvantage, lack of education and poverty of widowed women in Northern Uganda who need our support to survive. We do all we can to offer them a home and occupation.

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