The Future Is Now Uganda Orphanage Home is a non-denominational, faith-based organization focused on relieving the suffering of orphaned children in Gulu, Uganda. Most of our orphans are victims of the civil war, their parents killed or declared missing during the conflict or died of HIV/AIDS.

Our mission is to provide them with the basics of living: food, water, sanitation, housing and medical care. We also hope to provide educational opportunities: school, social interaction, and religious education, all within an emotionally safe environment. Our children have experienced extreme suffering. Providing stability and peace to these innocent victims of civil conflict is our priority. We are a registered community organization in Gulu, Uganda and in the process of renewing our non-profit status in the USA.

Our main goal is to find monthly sponsorship for each of the 45 children currently under our care, ranging from ages three to sixteen years old. Our founder and managing director, Ayella Denis, a young man who was also orphaned during the war, has been striving for nearly eight years to relieve the plight of the children in our community.